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At the end of each term the classes have a competition in P.E for the sport we have been learning throughout the term. The children are split into two teams and compete against each other. In P.E we have been learning hockey. We learnt the correct way to hold a hockey stick as well as to dribble, pass, shoot and play competitively. This is how year 6 got on:


(Game 1) Team we can’t decide:  4-5 :The dominators

(Game 2) Team we can’t decide:  3-5 :The dominators

(Game 3) Team we can’t decide:  5-1 :The dominators

(Game 4) Team we can’t decide:  4-4 :The dominators


(Game 1) Swift ninjas: 5-2 :The hood

(Game 2) Swift ninjas: 5-4 :The hood

(Game 3) Swift ninjas: 3-5 :The hood

(Game 4) Swift ninjas: 5-1 :The hood


After a competitive but fair competition “The dominators” came out victorious from leopard class despite an impressive comeback by “Team we can’t decide”

And it was “Swift ninjas” who came out the deserved winners in Jaguar class despite a good effort from “The hood”.

Everyone who participated made a fantastic effort and contribution to the competition. Congratulations to the winners; “The dominators” and “Swift ninjas”.