The Matthew Clarke Tournament

The Matthew Clarke Tournament was an amazing experience. I was absolutely thrilled that we won thanks to our amazing players. We scored some goals and we didn’t concede any! One thing I really have to admit,  I was a bit scared about taking penalties, but this year I feel confident that I can rise up to the challenge ahead.

Personally I think that Rori was our star man, he made some fantastic saves and his agility, reflexes and reaction are all amazing!

I felt so proud of myself (and Ayo and Rori) for not conceding any goals throughout the whole tournament. Once again I’d like to thank Rori and Stephen (our captain) for leading us to success. A special thank you to our coach Mr Hann!

Kofi Jonathan Bediako


Hi, my name is Prince and I was part of the school that won the Matthew Clarke Memorial Tournament.

I was really happy when we won because the last two matches we had went to extra time and penalties.

I remember when Rori saved a penalty, we were very happy when he saved it. Rori didn’t concede a goal in the whole tournament. We only scored on goal and the person who scored was Emmanuel and I assisted him. When we got the trophy our chant was ‘Champion! Champion! Ollay! Ollay! ollay!’

We all received a mini trophy and a medal. There were so many pictures being taken I felt like a professional footballer!