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Reading & Phonics

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 children are taught phonics and reading on a daily basis. Children are given a wide range of opportunities to practise their phonics and reading through whole class shared reading, paired reading and guided reading with an adult.  There are also regular opportunities for children to read on an individual basis. Children continue to use our decodable Phonics books until they become a confident reader with a strong sight vocabulary. At this stage, they then progress to reading books from the 'Accelerated Reader' programme.  This programme grades children’s literature meaning most books are ‘real’ books. Children are encouraged to make choices about the texts that they read, children then read the texts at home and at school. Once a child has read a book they complete an online quiz to assess their understanding of what they have read. This enables children to develop their comprehension skills as well as their decoding skills.