School Council

Our School Council believes in UBUNTU.

Our purpose is to make Discovery an even better place by; improving learning, the school environment and children's well-being.

School council Representatives for 2022/23



Owl - Sisi lmonioro

Eagle - Zakirah Thomas

Hawk - Tamilore Hameed


Year 4

Kestrel - Amara

Falcon - Cydeny Oladejo

Buzzard - Oliver


Year 5

Panther - Sarah

Lion - David

Tiger - Kicki

School Council Pupil Survey Autumn 2019

School Council survey results


In Reception – Some highlights

Our results showed that 100% of pupils think that the teachers are fair.

100% of pupils also think that teachers and pupils are kind and show Ubuntu.

97% of children like their class.

Full Reception results


Key Stage 1 – Some highlights 

94% of children like school and enjoy coming every day.

98% of children want to always do well in their work.

95% of pupils show resilience and still try to do their best even if they find the work hard.

Full Key Stage 1 results


Key Stage 2 some highlights

95% of children state that most of the lessons taught are fun and interesting.

98% of pupils say they feel safe at Discovery, the remaining 2% say they feel safe the majority of the time.   

97% of pupils believe that teachers are fair most of the time if not always.

Full Key Stage 2 results


To decide what our focuses for improvement will be this year, the School Council created a set of questions to find out how the children of Discovery felt about their school. We wanted to find out what the children really enjoyed about the school and what they thought we could improve.

In Reception and Year 1, we asked the teachers to do a hands-up survey. In KS2, the children filled in their own questionnaires. We included lots of closed questions and a mixture of open questions so we could hear some of the children’s wonderful ideas, and to understand how they felt in more detail. We also informally interviewed each other and some of our classmates to gain a more detailed understanding of the children and their views.


 These results across the school are extremely positive and show that the children are happy, hardworking and feel safe.

Even though we are pleased with the results, we always want to find ways to improve.

From the results of the survey and interviews with different groups of children, the  School Council have found some key areas where we can help make the Discovery Community  even better.


 Next steps for School Council

  • To improve the playtime equipment so children have more activities to keep them happy.
  • To continue to promote the school ethos of Ubuntu, so children understand why it is important to always be kind to each other.
  • To make sure all children enjoy their lunchtimes and that they feel engaged and happy in the playground.