Curriculum Statement


At Discovery we value the importance of a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum that enables all children to achieve and be successful academically as well as becoming well-rounded citizens. It allows children to experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning while also understanding its purpose and value and seeing its relevance to their past, present and future. Children are able to learn within a coherent and progressive framework which enables them to develop a rich and deep subject knowledge while exploring the breadth and depth of the National Curriculum.


Our curriculum fully fosters our school values and the ethos of ‘Ubuntu’ allowing children to learn and understand respect for themselves and others as well as developing their own self-esteem and resilience through embedding the importance of co-operation and collaboration. It embraces the cultural diversity and traditions within our school and is reflective of the ethnicities represented. It allows us to celebrate diversity and promote respect, tolerance and individuality.


It is informed by our school motto ‘Explore, Dream, Grow’:

  • EXPLORE - Our curriculum will lead our children to ask questions, seek new knowledge and enjoy what they are learning.

  • DREAM - Our curriculum will lead our children to be inspired by what they learn, both within and outside the classroom, encourage them to learn more about the world and have high aspirations for their place within it.

  • GROW  - Our curriculum will lead our children to gain skills and knowledge, within a coherent progressive framework, encouraging them to become well-rounded individuals and giving them the life skills to be successful.


Our curriculum is taught through a pedagogy that excites and engages children’s natural curiosity to equip them with a desire for learning. It appreciates that children learn best when they are able to actively engage in their learning and promotes problem solving, creativity and communication. Subjects are presented in a cross-curricular way that enables children to make links in their learning and apply skills learnt across the curriculum. Our personalised curriculum provides the challenge that encourages pupils to embrace and understand the connections between foundation subjects and the real world, and become critical and reflective thinkers.


All topics begin with an ‘engage’ activity or memorable experience to spark the children’s interests. These include trips, workshops, outdoor learning or expert visitors which add to the depth, enjoyment and enrichment of each topic. High quality children’s books often take a leading role within a topic which may include a focus on History, Geography or Science.


Specialist curriculum days or weeks are held to further immerse children into learning across the different curriculum areas. Parents are a vital part of a child’s learning journey and are frequently welcomed into school to see the children’s learning and share experiences.


At Discovery we aim to use teachers’ excellent assessment and knowledge of a child alongisde effective real time feedback to provide the opportunity for every pupil, regardless of need or background, to reach their full potential. Through curriculum coverage review, exit tasks and pupils’ skill development we will ensure the breadth and depth of knowledge is embedded for all pupils to develop knowledge and skills needed to be successful in life.  Positive engagement in cultural capital activities and seeing a vibrant global community within the school will show depth of impact of our curriculum intent and effective implementation.