Parent E-safety advice

In this section of our website, we provide resources and information for parents on internet safety for children, including tips on how to talk to your child about online safety, how to set guidelines for internet use at home, and how to monitor your child’s online activity. It is important that you understand the potential risks your child may face online and take steps to help them stay safe.


We also provide information on the latest trends and potential risks that children may face online, such as cyberbullying, online predators, and inappropriate content. We believe that by working together, we can help our pupils make informed decisions, avoid potential dangers, and build positive online experiences.


We understand that much of our pupil’s use of the internet will occur at home, away from the school filters.

Did you know?

Are you aware of the age restrictions for some popular apps and games? We have highlighted some of the minimum ages below. These age restrictions are in place in order to keep children safe.






Online Checklist:
  • I have asked my child to show me sites they use. 
  • I have asked my child to set their profile settings to private.
  • I have asked my child about their online friends.
  • I have set appropriate parental controls on my child’s computer, mobile and games console.
  • My child has agreed to tell me if they are worried about something online.
  • I know where to get help if I’m concerned about my child. 
Useful Resources and Links:


Thinkuknow is an educational programme by the UK’s National Crime Agency to provide practical resources for online safety for children, parents, carers and professionals. It raises awareness and offers guidance to help understand potential risks and dangers associated with online activities.



The NSPCC provides tools and advice to help parents keep their children safe, regardless of their level of expertise in online matters.


Internet Matters 

This web resource offers extensive tips and advice for navigating the online world with your child.


National Online Safety 

National Online Safety’s main objective is to create a safer online environment for children by educating parents, school staff and children about potential dangers and appropriate reactions to incididents. This link provides current information on various social media platforms and applications that children may use.



Childnet international is a registered UK charity that aims to make the internet a safe place for children and young people.



The BBC has created Own It, a website and app designed to assist children in managing their online activities. The website provides extensive content to educate children about online behaviour, while the free smartphone app features a unique keyboard that can offer help and support when needed.

Resources for Children to Use

Below are some links that children themselves can access for help when navigating the tricky subject of online safety.


Reception – Year 2


Year 3 – Year 6