Online Safety at Discovery

At our school, we aim to provide a safe and secure online environment for our pupils, where they can explore the internet and digital technologies without fear or danger. We believe that by promoting internet safety, we can help our pupils become responsible digital citizens and prepare them for a future where technology plays an increasingly important role in their lives.


Our pupils are growing up in a world of ever-changing technology. Children are spending more and more time online, and while the internet can be a wonderful resource for learning, creativity and communication, it is important that they understand the potential risks and how to stay safe. We believe in empowering our children with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.


We aim to achieve the following objectives in promoting internet safety for our pupils:

  • About the impact of cyber-bullying and what to do if they have been affected
  • To be vigilant when communicating online recognising that people may not always be who they say they are and to be sensible about what they share
  • To tell a trusted adult if something is upsetting
  • To question the reliability of information given through a web based source
  • To search responsibility for information while using internet browsers

By achieving these objectives, we believe that we can create a safe and positive online environment for our pupils at Discovery, where they can explore the internet and digital technologies with confidence and without fear.

For further information, please click on one of the links below to be taken to our parent guides about online saftey at home.