Writing at Discovery

Throughout their time at Discovery, our aim is for pupils to become creative and imaginative writers and the skills they learn will be applied across genres. Core texts are used to support the development of writing. Cross curricular writing opportunities support pupils and embed core English skills. Collaborative discussions are promoted to support and develop pupils writing skills. Pupils have a clear understanding of the purpose of their writing and who their target audience is. The pupils writing will include their rich based vocabulary. Pupils use their reading skills effectively to support their writing.


Pupils in the Early Years Foundation Stage are provided with many engaging and exciting mark making opportunities. Pupils are encouraged to give meaning to the marks that they make within focus activities and child initiated play. Emergent writers are encouraged to develop their writing through stimulating activities and we recognise the importance of these stages within a pupils’ writing development.




Mighty Writer is an effective tool which we use to enhance and develop writing at Discovery from EYFS. It supports pupils to think clearly and write with clarity. The tool concentrates on the process of sentence creation. It provides a visual and interactive approach to learning and supports pupils in achieving quality writing outcomes for all pupils. Emphasis is placed on the importance of pupils verbally constructing their sentences to develop clarity and coherence.








Cursive handwriting is introduced to pupils in Key Stage One when they have developed and are confident using print. Cursive handwriting is modelled by staff to show pupils how to form each letter correctly. Pupils are taught to develop their spelling, punctuation and grammar and apply this to all writing tasks.


Children are given opportunities to plan and draft their writing as well as editing writing to improve on a produced piece of work. Children are given opportunities to familiarise themselves with the genre/text type they are using. This is followed by pupils capturing ideas using oral rehearsal. Teachers provide modelling of high quality writing to show pupils’ expectations and support their writing skills. Teacher scribing, supported and guided writing opportunities are provided. Regular independent writing for pupils is promoted to develop their writing.