Supporting Learning at Home


At Discovery, we value and appreciate that a strong parental partnership goes hand in hand with progress and outcomes for our children. We also know that it is important to have some consistency in the methods that we use for teaching to make sure that parents are able to effectively support their child's learning at home.


For this reason, we have created some help pages to provide you will all the information that you should need to make home learning opportunities successful for both parents and children.



We use the government approved scheme called 'Unlocking Letters and Sounds'. The scheme has an image and an action to match each of the phonemes (sounds) that we teach. We have made some videos to teach the actions to each of the phonemes as well as introduce you to the corresponding images. You will find the Phonics videos below for all of the different phonemes that we teach.


Each year group has specific approaches and methods to the teaching of calculations and the four operations. We choose the methods to teach for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division that we think are the most effective and child friendly for the children to learn and grasp. We know that some methods may vary to the traditional methods so we have made some Maths videos to show you the methods that we teach at Discovery. You will find the calculation videos for each year group below

Learning Platforms

Here are some useful links to some of the learning platforms that the school subscribes to: