Reading at Discovery

Guided Reading in Reception and KS1

All pupils are given the opportunity to take part in guided reading sessions which develop a range of reading objectives. The sessions support the development of fluency, prosody and comprehension. Pupils read phonetically decodable books which link to the stage they are at in their phonics journey. They will be given the opportunity to read to an adult and complete activities which will develop their phonics and comprehension skills. Pupils learn to develop the following skills within guided reading sessions, vocabulary, inference, prediction, explain, retrieve and sequence (VIPERS).

Whole Class Reading in KS2

All pupils in KS2 are given the opportunity to take part in regular whole class reading. Children will practise specific reading skills taught in a whole class lesson development of skills. The focus skills are vocabulary, inference, prediction, explain, retrieve and summarise (VIPERS). Lessons are split into three parts. Part one is where pupils are exposed to a picture, chapter, extract etc. We ensure this is a range of fiction, non-fiction, picture book, poetry, songs and short films. In part two, the focus skill is modelled by the teacher and discussions take place. In the final part of the lesson, pupils are given the opportunity to independently apply the skills that they have been taught.

Reading at Home

Nursery children are given a picture book to share at home with their parent, this develops a love and enjoyment of reading from an early stage. From Reception onwards, when pupils are taught Phase 2 within Unlocking Letters and Sounds, children will be given a phonetically decodable book which matches their phonic ability. Books are changed once a week and parents are asked to read daily with their child. Pupils are given a ‘Weekend Book’ which they choose from the library to promote reading for pleasure, this book is shared with a parent at home.

When pupils are secure with reading phase 5 texts confidently and accurately they will move onto the next stage in their reading journey, Accelerated Reader. They continue to build on the strong foundations which are already in place. Pupils are given an assessment to identify which book level is most suited to them. They will then read their text daily at home. When they have read the text, they will be quizzed online to develop their comprehension skills. Children need to achieve 80% consistently within quizzes before they can be moved up to the next reading level.  

How do we promote reading for pleasure...


-Drop Everything and Read (daily reading time for all)

-Use of our school library

-Quality, engaging and diverse texts

-Book corners

-Library visits

-Book fair

-World Book Day


-Learner awards for reading

-Author/Illustrators Visits